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List of Motions for  Vocational School Students’ 2010 Debate Competition

A.     Economy:

 1. That Small economic business scales should get easier bank loan procedures from both government and private banks.

 2. That The central government should tightly control the finance of the local governments.

 3. That The government should stop the free-market-based economic activities.

 4. That The economic measurement to judge the economic growths of the country is the only way to know the country’s prosperity.

 5. That The supermarkets in Indonesia should not be limited to expand their economic power both in big cities and small cities.


B.     Politics

 1. That The governors of the provinces in Indonesia should be elected by the President.

 2. That Regarding the fact that Indonesian young generation tend not to have strong Nationalism, the military service should be obliged for them.

 3. That The political parties in Indonesia should be reduced to become just two big parties.

 4. That The President should be allowed to  live at his/her residence.

 5. That All government officers must be free from any political interests.


C.    Social Matters

 1. That Students must be banned not to bring their cell phones to schools.

 2. That TV reality shows must be completely banned from public spaces.

 3. That Local wisdoms must be promoted to protect Indonesia from foreign cultural imperialism.

 4. That Public should give a room for Putra Daerah  to be the head of the local area from which s/he comes.

 5. That Due to the political problems with Malaysia, the Indonesian who are in this countries’  border must not be allowed to enter Malaysia.


D.    Education

 1. That The National Examination Standard should be fully applied to judge whether students pass or fail.

 2. That The government should consistently give freedom to the schools implementing  Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional programs.

 3. That All subjects of Vocational Schools must be taught in English regarding the issues of globalization. 

 4. That The subject of religion must be removed from the school curricula.

 5. That The government should nationalize all schools in Indonesia.


E.     Law

 1. That Death sentences must be firmly applied to those who corrupt the public money without any exception.

 2. That The bullying students must be expelled from schools.

 3. That The activities not to bring the legal problems to the court should not be allowed.

 4. That Each province can develop its own legal system.

 5. That Children crimes should be equally treated as adult crimes.


F.     Media and Entertainment

1.  That Facebook and Twitter services have produced a lot of bad Indonesian expressions.

 2. That Cigarette advertisements must be completely banned from public spaces.

 3. That The Media promoting gay and lesbian issues actually trigger more bad deeds that good ones.

 4. That The letter of permit to set up newspaper business activities should not be that tight.

 5. That Media actually contribute to the terrorism activities.


G.    Environment

 1. That Due to environmental problems, the capital city of Indonesia must be moved to Kalimantan.

 2. That The forest destruction in Indonesia is  not merely the government’s mismanagement.

 3. That Most tourism programs in Indonesia have actually improved local environmental conditions.

 4. That The use of ground water in big cities must be undoubtedly banned.

 5. That The Indonesian government  lack activities dealing with climate change issues. 


H.     Foods

 1. That All foods in Indonesia must be issued halal.

 2. That Schools should oblige students to bring their own foods from home.

 3. That All alcoholic drinks must be removed from any restaurants.

 4. That Schools must have their own canteen. 

 5. That Good local foods have been replaced by international junk foods.



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